Vegetable Plants

We carefully package our bulk seed into standard size seed packets. Our price ranges from $0.99 to $1.49 per packet. Additionally we offer many of these seeds as young plants approximately the first week of May.  

Green Beans

Bush Blue Lake (58 Days)

Jade (56 Days)

TopCrop (50 Days)

Yellow Bush Beans

Cherokee Wax (58 Days)

Pencil Pot (54 Days)

Pole Beans

Kentucky Wonder (65 Days)

Bush Lima Beans

Fordhood242 (75 Days)

Beets, Detroit Dark Red (55 Days)

Brussel Sprouts, Long Island Imp. (100 Days)


Golden Acre Early (65 Days)

Late Flat Dutch (100)

Carrots, Danvers Half Long (70 Days)

Collards, Georgia (60-65 Days)


Marketmore 76 (66 Days)

Pick-a-Bushel (50 Days)

Straight Eight (58 Days)

Kale, Dwarf Blue Curled (55 Days)

Kohl Rabi, Early White Vienna (55 Days)


Honeydew Green Flesh (105 Days)

Honey Rock (85 Days)


Charleston Gray (85 Days)

Crimson Sweet (85 Days)

Sugar Baby (75 Days)

Okra, Clemson Spineless (55 Days)


Harris Early Model (130 Days)

Hollow Crown (75 Days)

Edible Flat Rod Peas

Dwarf Gray Sugar (65 Days)

Snap Peas, Sugar (66 Days)

Shell Peas

Little Marvel (58 Days)

Wando (69 Days)


Big Max (Carving, 120 Days)

Early Sugar Pie (100 Days)

Jack O'Lanter (Carving, 100)


Crimson Giant (30 Days)

Early Scarlet Globe (23 Days)

White Icicle (29 Days)

Rutabaga, American Purple Top (90 Days)

Summer Squash

Black Beauty Zucchini (45 Days)

Golden Zucchini (54 Days)

Early Prolific Straightneck (42 Days)

Winter Squash 

Blue Hubbard (110 Days)

Burgess Buttercup (110 Days)

Delicata (100 Days)

Improved Green Hubbard (105 Days)

Red/Gold Hubbard (105 Days)

Table Queen Acorn (80 Days)

Vegetable Spaghetti (90 Days)

Waltham Butternut (95 Days)

Swiss Chard, Rainbow (60 Days)


Black Oil (80 Days)

Dwarf Sunspot (55 Days)

Large Gray Stripe (80 Days)

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